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Living Water vs. Stagnant Pools


Awhile back we spent a beautiful day exploring one of our great Texas State parks. McKinney Falls has a diverse display of water, rock, forest, an wildflowers. We hiked, explored and marveled at God’s creation. We also took lots and lots of photos. We saw rushing waters cascading off the rocks and small pools within the mass of rock where water had collected and had no way out until it finally evaporates. The water at each of the falls shared some of the same characteristics. It was fast flowing, dangerous at points, rushing and swirling before crashing down into a clear and beautiful larger pool of water where children and adults played. The pooled water also had some shared characteristics. It was shallow, just a few inches deep. It was still. It was warmer as it remained in one place under the sun with no additional water being added.

Observing the different bodies of water got me to thinking about life and the direction it flows or doesn’t. While the rushing, flowing water undoubtably was somewhat dangerous and looked unpredictable, it actually was very predictable. After flowing over the falls, the water always lands in the clear, clean pool where it is calm once again. The shallow pools on the rock may look safe in their stillness, however, over time they grow stagnant and green with algae. They are no longer clean. They eventually dry up. The flowing water, while it looks out of control for a brief time is following a path. It’s journey leads to a new spot where it can continue to be useful. The stagnant water is no longer useful. While it looks safe when it first appears in the crater of the rock, time eventually reveals that the lack of movement causes it to become useless and something to avoid.

I hope I will never get over the wonder of God’s creation. Being out in nature, seeing his handiwork and attention to detail reminds me of his love and faithfulness. It’s such a gift and all we have to do is pay attention, open our eyes, and drink in His goodness.